Who we are

Since 2014, our no-profit organization called student-athletes A.C. begun the joruney to build Rosarito's first program and aid football field goal.

Student-Athletes A.C. tiene como filosofía de ser el educar y crear cultura entorno a las excelentes oportunidades que causan el tener un buen rendimiento escolar y un excelente nivel deportivo en niños y jóvenes de Baja California. Imitando modelos y estrategias contemporáneas de educación y seguimiento escolar, nuestra misión es crear, construir y aplicar el programa de estudiantes atletas. Con estándares de rendimiento tanto académico como deportivo con la capacidad para ayudar a generaciones en convertirse en futuros reclutas universitarios en diferentes deportes de nuestra comunidad.

Student-Athletes A.C. philosophy is to educate and create culture around the great opportunities that comes with having great academic performance and an excellent sports level in children and young people of Baja California. By imitating contemporary models and strategies of education and school monitoring, our mission is to create, build and apply the student-athletes program, with academic and athletic development standards with the ability to help young generations to become potential college recruits of many sports of our community.

Ser un club reconocido por su promoción y precursor del buen rendimiento académico, así como consolidarse como uno de los nuevos programas deportivos más competitivos del noreste del país, impulsando siempre el verdadero objetivo en formar Estudiantes-Atletas.

To be recognized for promoting academic performance, as well as consolidate itself as one of the most competitive new sports programs in the northeast of the country, always promoting the true objective of creating culture of being a Student-Athlete.

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  • Honestidad
  • Transparencia
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  • Discipline
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Community

  • "Rosarito is the only city without a football field, our mission is to build a complete friday nightlights experience to our local community and we will make it one yard at a time." - Coach Carrasco

    '09 and '11 national championship title and San Diego highschool hall of fame

    I have experienced the student athlete culture in a truly american football way

    • M.C. Francisco X. Carrasco Beltran
    • Graduate of Exercise Sciences. UANL – UM (Murcia, Spain)
    • Master in physical activity and sports in high performance. UANL – UPR (Mayagüez, Puerto Rico)
    • 2004 CIF IV Div. California State Champion
    • Marian Catholic High School ’04 Hall of Fame
    • National champion ONEFA 2009 and 2011
    • National Champion ONEFA 2012, Staff
    • Academic merit Fox Sports 2006
    • Member of 80 most emblematic players in the history of UANL.
    • National team 2011
    • 9 years Coaching
    • President of “Student – Athletes A.C.
    • “Physically capable, ideologically defined, mentally balanced, academically competent.

    Baja California is currently in the best and highest level of sports in the Mexican country, it has 14 Olympic players, dozens of professional athletes and facilities that holds international high performance events. American football is not the exception, because of its closeness to California and our sports culture, Baja California is the home of one of the most prestigious football league for children and youth for more than 30 years in the map, with about 20 programs and tradition of players with high performance enough to generate dozens of new recruits for the best universities in the country. The league is state wide and there are 12 football fields distributed in 4 of the 5 municipalities of the state of Baja, with the exception of Playas de Rosarito. Sadly we are the only municipality that has absolutely not a single field to play football, not even a soccer field to fit 120 yards for a temporary football match! The only option for children and young people who want to play the sport is to join and represent a team from Tijuana as the closest city with football programs. Until now! Student-Athletes A.C. is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to develop a program that generates better students and great athletes ready to compete, with our knowledge and guidance of our program we are going to be able to create the right mindset and athletic enough to develop dozens of future recruits for the next level, which is college football.

    • M.C. Francisco X. Carrasco Beltrán

      College: Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León UANL (Monterrey, N.L.)
      Full scholarship $234,000 in grants.
      Career: Sports Science
      Masters: Sports High Performance
      Hometown: Lucio Blanco, Rosarito.

    • Angel Ramos Ayala

      College: Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León UANL (Monterrey, N.L.)
      Full scholarship $324,000 in grants.
      Career: Business Administration
      Hometown: Obrera, Rosarito.

    • Ruben Montañez Flores

      College: Universidad De Las Americas (Puebla)
      Career: Business Administration
      Full scholarship $ 752,000 in grants
      Hometown: Plan Libertador, Rossarito.

    • Rodrigo Montañez Flores

      College: Universidad De Las Americas (Puebla)
      Career: Law attorney
      Full scholarship $780,000 in grants
      Hometown: Plan Libertador, Rossarito.

    • Ricardo Montañez Flores

      College: Universidad De Las Americas (Puebla)
      Career: Business administration
      Full scholarship $1,680,000 in grants
      Hometown: Plan Libertador, Rossarito.

    • Mario Cruz, Vicente Laveaga, Nomar Contreras

      College: Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León UANL (Monterrey, N.L.)
      Full scholarship $ 652,000 in grants
      Career: Business Administration, Arquitecture , Electric Engeniere
      Hometown: Constitución, Rosarito.

    • Feliciano Martin

      College: Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior (CETYS Universidad) 
      70% Schoolarship $570,000 in grants
      Career: Sistem Engeneer
      Hometown: Mazatlán, Rosarito.

    • M.P. Angel Izaac Carrillo Lizares

      College: Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLAP)
      Full Schoolarship $1,670,000
      Carreer: Hotels and Restaurants Administration
      Masters: Psichology
      Hometown: Lucio Blanco. Rosarito.

    • Lic. Daniel Villalobos Arevalo

      College: Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León UANL (Monterrey, N.L.)
      Full scholarship $334,000 in grants.
      Career: Sports Science
      Hometown: Pemex condominios, Rosarito.

    • Friday night lights, hot dogs, cheerleaders, homecoming, rivary games, local talent, lettermen jackets, Scouts, and maybe some one-handed touchdowns if we get lucky. Plus a 130000 community happy to make Rosarito a football town, and why not about some California’s High School invitational CIF Games.
      We need your help, we need to show our community what American football is about, we need to show our community that having an opportunity to receive a sports scholarship in one of the top rated college program in the country is possible and creates a life lasting impact. I was born and raised in Rosarito, and thrust me, we desperately need to create opportunities for our kids, so they can think outside of our beach – and bicycle town of Rosarito, and we believe that creating a program that generates great students and phenomenal athletes through football is the best way.

      Our people There is a total of 21,000 boys and girls from 8 to 18 years old ready to protect our house.

      Our American community Bringing the sport of football by our American community inclusion.

      Organization Legal and committed professionals in both sides of the border.

      Government The land, sports programs, non-profit grants and more.

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    We Need Your Help

    • With $10 USD you will contribute to gear and equipment funds

      Helmets, dummies, footballs, shoulder pads and any gear to develop great students and better and safer football players.

    • Sponsor a player

      A monthly donation of $43.00 dlls will make you sponsor a child with 100% of their monthly fees. To cover the expenses of each player, such as the cost of uniforms, transportation to away games, referees and ambulances.

    • One yard at a time

      Donate 1 Square yard of turf field + 1 square yard of sand base + 1 square yard of grave + construction work total of $62.00 dlls. Each yard donnor name will be immortalized forever in our grattitude wall of founders members.

    • Open Donation

      Anything between a football, and a football stadium is more than welcome.