Booster Club

Teamwork passion and a lot of community , together we can achieve our goal.

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An american tradition Booster Club

  • Just like any high school tradition our “Booster Club” is a group of coaches, friends and families that help create events/fundraisers and collaborates ideas to raise funds and equipment donations. Our booster club comes together to make sure that all fundraisers and donations are used towards our ultimate goal which is our own home field. The booster club is also responsible for creating financial strategies so that each sale made by the player will financially benefit the player with their expenses such as, uniforms, referees , insurance and travel costs.

Booster Club Staff

  • Coach Roddy Hiatt

    Coach Roddy has been our number one gear donator his cellphone contact list of over twenty years of coaching highschool in the south of LAX makes him our senior consultant and a great advisor for football in general.

  • Paco Martinez Simental

    Local handyman and construction work, Paco is one of the few parents who have the experience of having seen their children play American football with the willingness to replicate the passion of true football in the United States

  • Juan Baja Ramos

    Founder of official the black hole baja chapter, Juan provides any possible event wich goal is to bring our kids the love of football, Raiders and a friday night live football in Rosarito.

  • Steve Garcia

    Steve a former coach of the south area of Los Angeles for over 15 years in different sports, and his passion brings him everyday to practice field, to find any idea of making this project happen.

  • Daniel Lozano

    Uno de los fundadores del football americano en Rosarito, el arquitecto Daniel Lozano y sus contribuciones al proyecto van más allá de coachear en el campo.

  • Coach Ray Zamora

    Coach Ray, la emocion de ver a sus dos hijos en el campo y su experiencia en el football americano de Baja California, es uno de nuestros principales reclutador de niños por su puesto de comida como negocio.

  • Familia Espinoza Olivas

    La familia Espinoza Olivas reconocida a nivel regional por sus habilidades en la carpiteria de calidad, nos representan desde el lejano pueblo de Primotapia trayendo consigo dos de nuestros mejores atletas.