Donate 1 Yard

Since 2014, our non-profit organization called student-athletes A.C. begun the joruney to build Rosarito's first program and aid football field goal.

+1 yard Shows your support in our goal to bring friday night lights to Rosarito, be part of our new football community and donate 1 Square yard of turf field + 1 square yard of sand base + 1 square yard of grave; + construction work with a total of $62.00 dlls.

SAC - Student Athletes Center

A traditional high school based model in which we are going to train athletes for different sports, starting with football and looking forward to provide the physical training to more sports such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, wrestling, boxing and surfing. All with the student-athletes philosophy of first building better students then into great athletes.

“Each yard Donors name will be immortalized members in our gratitude wall of founders.”

Proposal project Renders

Location Proposal

We Need Your Help

  • With $10 USD (+6% PayPal fee) you will contribute to gear and equipment funds

    Helmets, dummies, footballs, shoulder pads and any gear to develop great students and better and safer football players.

  • Sponsor a player

    A monthly donation of $43.00 dlls (+6% PayPal fee) will make you sponsor a child with 100% of their monthly fees. To cover the expenses of each player, such as the cost of uniforms, transportation to away games, referees and ambulances.

  • One yard at a time

    Donate 1 Square yard of turf field + 1 square yard of sand base + 1 square yard of grave + construction work total of $62.00 dlls (+6% PayPal fee). Each yard donnor name will be immortalized forever in our grattitude wall of founders members.

  • Anything between a football, and a football stadium is more than welcome.